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ARC Elements completes all types of Asbestos Abatements Low risk - Moderate Risk and High Risk.


Asbestos was a commonly used building material throughout most of the 1900’s.  In the 1970’s it was discovered that exposure to Asbestos fiber was linked to cancer, and production of new Asbestos materials was banned in in 1978 (however, since the sale of existing Asbestos materials was not banned, houses and buildings built much later  may contain Asbestos).


Asbestos is often found in a number of commercial and residential buildings, in a wide variety of products.

ARC ELEMENTS will often find asbestos containing material in the following areas;

  • Plaster 

  • Building Insulation

  • Flooring tiles - vinyl sheet

  • Ceiling tiles - spray on texture

  • Heat shields 

  • Drywall joint compound 


In construction asbestos abatement is a set of procedures designed to control the release of asbestos fibres from asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos abatement is utilized during general construction in areas containing asbestos materials, particularly when those materials are being removed, encapsulated, or repaired.


Abatement is needed in order to protect construction workers and members of the general public from the many negative health impacts from asbestos.

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Environmental inspection and testing are the first steps in profiling a facility’s environmental condition. Sampling, analysis, and characterization activities must adhere to the most stringent quality control and quality assurance guidelines in order to distinguish the many environmental hazards that might be present. ARC Elements utilizes only the most qualified certified third party consultants for sampling, testing and analysis. Our clients know they can count on the defensibility of the data generated. Services include:

  • Mould Testing and Inspection

  • Radon Testing and Mitigation Services

  • Pre-Demolition or Pre-Renovation Sampling and Characterization

  • Asbestos Inspection, Sampling, Testing, and Analysis

  • Airborne Pollutant and Microbial Sampling

  • Lead Testing and Inspection

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Sampling


Our work requires scientific knowledge, expertise, and meticulousness for the reliability and validity of the analytical results. Our clients have come to rely on us for independent results, opinions, and recommendations. ARC Elements can connect any client with a qualified third party consultant that provides  environmental sampling and testing services to a wide variety of private, commercial, institutional, governmental, and industrial clients.

For all samples a certified regulated third party laboratory is used by all ARC Elements third party consultants.

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