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Asbestos was a commonly used building material in the United States throughout most of the 1900’s.  In the 1970’s it was discovered that exposure to Asbestos fibers was linked to cancer, and production of new Asbestos materials was banned in in 1978 (however, since the sale of existing Asbestos materials was not banned, houses and buildings built much later  may contain Asbestos).

Asbestos is often found in a number of commercial and residential buildings, in a wide variety of products.

ARC ELEMENTS will often find asbestos containing material in the following areas:


– Floor tile

– Ceiling Tile

– Popcorn Ceilings

– Piping Insulation

– HVAC ducts

– Roof Shingles

– Siding

– Attic Insulation

– Boiler Insulation


When suspect Asbestos is discovered, whether in a home or commercial building, a sample should be taken and tested by a competent lab  to determine if the material contains Asbestos.  If it is determined that the sample does contain Asbestos, and that the Asbestos does pose a risk to people, an abatement plan (a plan to remove or prevent exposure) should be created.

Arc Elements is a trusted partner for your commercial or residential Asbestos project needs.

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